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Why Crack-fill?

The two most important reasons you need to maintain and repair the cracks is because you don't want moisture to penetrate under the asphalt surface causing more damage to your driveway or parking lot. We recommend you sealcoat your surface as well, for added protection and preventative maintenance against the elements.

The second reason you should fill the cracks in your asphalt is because vegetation will begin growing in them. As the roots on vegetation get bigger, the plant root can actually push the pavement up and create even more damage. This breaks the pavement surface and other problems begin occurring.

Even worse, if water does penetrate the crack and seeps under the asphalt surface, this will almost always creates a soft spot which in turn can create a Pot Hole and if you live where the temperatures create ground freezing, then this moisture under the asphalt surface will freeze and push the pavement up. You might have seen this on other driveways or parking lots to know what we are talking about and now you know why it has happened.

All of these conditions can usually be avoided by practicing good maintenance and keeping these cracks filled as they occur, the best way to avoid Crack Filling is regular Seal Coating,



Crack Cleaning

Crack cleaning and drying is done to privide a clean, dry work channel and to remove any loose materials from the crack,    a clean, dry crack is extremely important, as a large percentage of sealant failure is caused by adhesion failure with the crack wall.

Crack cleaning can be done by hand tools, brushing or sweeping, airblasting, hot airblasting or sand blasting.